Here are some articles and reviews (most recent at the top)

     More about affordable High-End Quartz

     The Harrison legacy in the "affordable quartz" era

     Continuatorii traditiei lui Harrison Ón era "cuartului ieftin"

    Comparative review of some Luxilon tennis strings - first part

    Small updates

    Ramblings about the future 12'' x86 PowerBook

    Swimming with an MP3 player and some other thoughts on digital players

    Short comparative 4-way review of some popular MP3 players

    A review of the "ORANGE MONSTER" - Seiko SKX781

    Comparative 3-way review of the Citizen Titanium EcoDrive AP2470, Atlantic Seacrest automatic and Casio Sea Pathfinder Tough Solar SPS201

    A short review of the Casio Sea Pathfinder Tough Solar SPS201

    Atlantic Seacrest automatic watch review

    Citizen AP2470 watch review


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