About corporate spam

It is quite easy today to create very custom emails for each of your contacts, and that also makes very simple to see how certain spam is generated - since if you use a certain email like <some_company@mydomain.org> ONLY for communications with that company you will also know that when you receive spam at the corresponding email the "source" was definitely linked in some way with that some_company!!!

I have now decided to keep a public list of the worst offenders - also please note that starting from some point in 2003 spam is also illegal (and the definition of what is spam is now much better) - so if you want to start a legal action against one of the companies below I can provide some clear evidence - contact me by email using legal_action at caranfil.org ! (the "at" is to be replaced by @ - that is a very basic but quite effective anti-spam measure in a public web page).

It is also quite obvious that I have never given the permission to use my email in order to send me unsolicited automated email (or spam) to any of the offenders below.


In this case it is interesting that the company wasn't even able to deliver my order (a gift for a birthday), yet their automated system was certainly able to place me on their spam list - I will personally never buy anything from them and I think that other people might want to do the same!

My emails to info@fragrancenet.com , momp@FRAGRANCENET.com and orders@fragrancenet.com were never answered.

UPDATE - they have also sold my email to other spammers - so avoid them like plague :)


That is another example of corporate spam - but this one was somehow indirect since the unsolicited offer was apparently coming from "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" but the email given for reply was technologyreview.web@palmcoastd.com which seems to be the spammer doing the "dirty work".

My emails to letters@technologyreview.com were never answered.


This time the email isn't even hiding the relation with Forbes - but it is as illegal as the other spammers ...

To be continued ...